Goed artikel PEBBLE MAGAZINE: 5 reasons why your next home should be a modular one

Gepubliceerd op 27-02-2018

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Waste reduction

Waste control is one of the greatest benefits of modular homes. As modular homes are built in factories according to specific measurements, there’s no need for excess material, which reduces building waste significantly. The prefabrication of trusses, frames and other parts can reduce waste by 52%. 

Since modular homes are assembled according to strict guidelines, they also reduce waste on site. Considering the fact that renovation and construction waste accounts for around 40% of landfills, the fact that modular houses reduce this significantly is a major plus for eco-conscious homeowners.

Say hello to smaller energy bills

Self-sufficient modular homes can reduce a household’s energy consumption by up to 72%. Imagine what your energy bill would look like if it was nearly three-quarters smaller?

Self sufficient modular homes are typically powered through solar panels, so they reduce the need for energy from the regular grids. In addition, homeowners can also opt for energy batteries used for storing excess solar energy. This can enable a home to use only the solar-generated electricity by consuming the stored energy overnight. In addition, some modular homes can also sell their excess solar energy back to the main grid.

Finally, modular homes typically use low-energy light bulbs, such as LEDs or CFLs, which are more energy-efficient and durable. 

Better insulation can lead to smaller energy bills. Homeowners can install cladding made of cost-effective composite panels that can improve a home’s insulation significantly or add in double glazed windows and doors. Not only do they reduce energy consumption, but they also improve acoustics inside homes and reduce noise pollution. LEES VERDER OP PEBBLE MAGAZINE